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tmt 30
14. – 17. November 2018
Köln, Congress Centrum Nord


4 seasons of Bialowieza forest

Finalist in Category 1: Contemporary Music, Computer Music

4 seasons of Bialowieza forest is a contribution by Katarzyna Sochaczewska

Original Documentation:

This musical piece is based on the fragments of 1st order ambisonic recording of Białowieża forest (UNESCO heritage) and musically composed to bond together acoustical instruments and electronic elements - ideally creating extension of natural soundscape. Three musicians have been invited to take part in the project (double bass, percussions and tenor saxophone players). They have been recorded separately to the prepared stereo demo track, with no influence on each other. On every instrument a stereo technique combined with spot microphones was used, so in the mix there is a lot of natural movement and depth. The mixing process was performed on 16 channels with subwoofer, using IEM ambisonic plugins.

Katarzyna Sochaczewska