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14. – 17. November 2018
Köln, Congress Centrum Nord


IT Service

Finalist in Category 2: Audio Drama / Documentary / Soundscapes

IT Service is a contribution by Erol Bücherl, Aydin Yeşildağ and Mecnun Langer

Original Documentation:

When we were confronted with the task of creating a 3D music production, the conclusion to produce a Rapsong was not farfetched. The main focus of this track was to create a coherent, action-packed story line in which the listener should never feel bored. We opted for a classic intro, main section and outro division of the song. The plot is about a bank robbery carried out by 2 people who disguise as technicians and gain access to the vault. The song begins as the two gangsters get out of the car and talk to a bank clerk who brings one of the two to the server rooms, where he disables the alarm systems and cameras. In the mean time the other gangster overwhelms the customers and remaining bank employees in the entrance area and locates the Bank Manager. Both stay in contact with each other during the coup using Walky Talkies. With both of the keycards in their possession they ultimately get access to the safe and their loot. In the end, they split up and one of them does not make it to the getaway car in time and is held at gunpoint by a police officer.

Erol Bücherl, Aydin Yeşildağ and Mecnun Langer