Contributing to tmt32

The official call is closed, but ...

Thank you for contributing to tmt32. The official call is closed and we are happy to announce, that the program will be broad and thrilling again.

You still want to submit a contribution? In case that your idea fits into one of our sessions, you might have a chance that we still accept it. Please contribute and we will contact you as soon as we put the sessions together.

You want to offer a product contribution? Please use the contribution portal and enter your desired date for this contribution in the note field. Product contributions are reserved for tmt32 exhibitors. The submission for product contributions will be closed only a few weeks before the Tonmeistertagung.

You still can edit your contribution, add a good summary and even change the title. To do so, log into MyVDT and go to Call/My Contributions. When you are working in the form, we ask you not to change the topic anymore. If you need to change the topic, please .

How to contribute

VDT Members

For contributing, please log in to MyVDT. All VDT members already have a MyVDT-Zugang and only need to choose the role "Contributor" within their profile and save the profile. Then the top menu item "Call" appears where you can create your contribution.

Experienced Contributors

Contributors who were active at the last two Tonmeistertagung's are already registered in MyVDT. They simply log in and then create a new contribution under the top menu item "Call".
The log-in doesn't work? Then you can reset your password. Furthermore, e.g. if you have forgotten your username or your email address is no longer valid, the will help you.


It's your first time? A warm welcome! Please register to MyVDT first, and then add your contribution under the top menu item "Call". Further information can be found on this page below or directly in the submission portal. Do you have any further questions? Then will help you.

How we design the programme

A team of curators and program planners ensures that we get many exciting contributions for the Tonmeistertagung. The team specifically ask potential presenters to submit contributions. Contributions which are submitted through the call will be integrated into the appropriate sessions.

The program is therefore made up of actively invited contributions as well as those that are offered to us directly. This is how we achieve diversity! By the way: The earlier a contribution is submitted, the sooner the right environment for this contribution can be found.

Our Topics

We are especially keen to find the hot topics of 2023. Pre-selected subjects are already integrated into call portal. The scope will be adjusted continually as the call proceeds. So, feel free to bring up other fields of interest that are not on our list yet!

Each topic is curated by an expert team. The earlier you contribute and inform the programme team about your proposal, the earlier the suitable session is found where your contribution can be placed.

For students

We offer students reduced tickets for the Tonmeistertagung. At the exhibition and congress, in addition to gaining professional impressions, they can also expand their personal network in the industry.

Many training institutes and universities present themselves at the Tonmeistertagung as part of the Education Forum. In addition, we would like to encourage committed students to submit their exciting final theses to the congress program, as posters or as lecture.

We need many helping hands for a congress as large as the Tonmeistertagung. Students who would like volunteer to help run the event are welcome to . We especially need people for the admission control in front of the halls as well as technical staff within the congress halls.

Become a TMT helper now

Also important:

Some contributions are prepared by more than one person. In principle, the person who submits the contribution is saved as the main author, is responsible for the contribution and is the first contact person for the program planning team. In the submission portal, additional co-authors can be selected from the list of registered authors. If someone is not yet on this list, he or she must first register in MyVDT as described above and thereby agree to the data storage (mandatory fields are name, mail address, phone number, country).

The main author can be changed by the program planning team if desired.

Block 9

You find further details within our submission portal in MyVDT.
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